The emergence of e-Learning has revolutionized the way companies deliver training to their employees, and eLearning eliminates the expense and inconvenience of getting the instructor and students in the same place. Corporations can realize savings or 50% or more when replacing Instructor â€" Led Training with electronic content delivery. Choosing the correct partner is a critical factor in any successful e-Learning Project.

At Junjungan Pelangi, we understand that every Organization faces unique challenges while striving to accomplish a company mission. In view of the importance of offering eLearning solutions Junjungan Pelangi has been entered into eLearning Solutions market.

We are offering services like under this Business segment is:

  • Real life simulations
  • S/W simulations
  • Mentor Videos
  • Chat/Virtual Classrooms
  • Scenario Role Plays
  • Pre & Post Assessments
  • Tracking Learner Performance
  • Support in e Learning content development activities