Educational Services

Asia International Education is an educational agency, managed by Junjungan Pelangi which assists students to enroll in the right institution, these institution readies you for the careers of today and the future. Many colleges can prepare you for traditional jobs in traditional fields, but our college also prepares its students for new and emerging professions.

As for Malaysia, it is internationally recognized in the education hubs and is a good alternative to obtain internationally recognized degrees awarded by renowned universities. Our students and their parents realize that they can obtain a degree at a fraction cost which translates to a huge savings. The academic quality of Malaysia programs is highly recognized by academic institutions worldwide.

Asia International Education is dedicated in providing students with the right universities, not only educate but build their skills for success in the real world.

Asia International Education is dedicated to matching each student with the best possible academic program.  Please note that our knowledgeable placement international specialist team collaborates with a full range of colleges and universities across the globe, therefore we offer worldwide colleges, as we are not limited.

No payments go through our company from the student; our reward comes from the university.

Asia International Education guides the student from start to finish, assuring they are taken care of. We are a straight forward company here, no hanky panky, because we care about our reputation. We screen and evaluate the student’s certificates, transcripts and if accepted, we get them an offer letter and get them enrolled, we push for the enrollment of the student. But our job does not stop there, we follow each student from day one and throughout their studies closely assuring students we are available to assist and advise, especially when it comes to family matters. We can also assist students in employment once they have finished their studies; we goal is to be a very important part of a students future!